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I'm soooo excited you are going to Ireland! It is so beautiful and green! The people are nice (and v. sarcastic). You are going to have such a great time! I outlined the highlights/places from my trip below and can adjust accordingly based on what you have time for :)

Galway - "Probably the coolest city in Ireland"

  • Play this while you read this section.
  • This is on the west coast of the country. This city is really cool and quaint. You can walk pretty much anywhere!
  • If you plan to stay here, we stayed at Barnacles Hostel. It is on Quay Street (pronounced: Key) is the main area. You can get to all the pubs and places to eat from there!
  • Galway City Museum - Learn about the history of the city. It's free and close to the main part of the city.
  • We stayed here when we flew in and that afternoon (jetlagged) and the following evening. I felt like there could be more to explore here, but 1 day is probably plenty.
  • Pubs:
    • We went to The Kings Head because we heard live music. A lot of places have live music. There are t-shirts with top 6 pubs/bars. Go to a souvenir shop, find this shirt, take a pic, then go to those bars!

Cliffs of Moher

  • We did this our second day from Galway, which I think is smart to travel here from Galway rather than from Dublin. It is possible to travel from Dublin, but it is a longggggggg day if you do that.
  • This will be cool if you are a huge Harry Potter fan. They have a museum (gift shop) there too.
  • We booked with Galway Tour Company ahead of our trip. 
  • Try to go on a day where you can actually see the cliffs. Otherwise, it is kind of a bummer. But take a pic and write a cute caption on insta (see below for a prime example). It is also (or was for me) VERY windy. 


  • Killarney National Park - If you stay in Killarney, you should be able to walk to the national park (or part of it). It is beautiful. Find Ross castle and walk around.
  • Killarney is so small that you can walk everywhere. We stayed at Neptune's Hostel. It was super central to everything you would need to get to.  
  • This is on the southwest coast (the San Diego of Ireland) so decently easy to get to from Galway.

Ring of Kerry

  • Killarney is located in County Kerry. (Note: They refer to counties similar to how we refer to states. Someone will say "I'm from County Kerry" in reference to where they are from. List of Counties here.) 
  • There is a "Ring of Kerry" Tour that takes out around the entire county. It is beautiful and you can see it all in one day. I think we booked through our hostel.
  • You will see sheep. You will see sheep with spray paint on them. (Actually you will see sheep basically the minute you are outside of Dublin.) What does that mean? The sheep are spray painted to help identify which farmer owns that sheep. If there are two colors, the farmers share that sheep.
  • There is more than just sheep on this tour. This will stop through many towns. Everything is very scenic as well.
  • A few highlights/map:


  • Spire of Dublin - This is cool. I referred to it as my "True North" of Dublin because it helped me navigate back to the hostel. 
  • River Liffey is really pretty. 
  • We stayed at Abraham's hostel. You probably won't need this though considering your friend is living in Dublin.
  • Guinness Museum - "Everybody is Irish on March 17th"
  • Food:
    • O'Neills - Someone at our hostel in Galway recommended this place. Go there for breakfast. I had french toast
    • J.W. Sweetman - This is a brewery type place, but the food was pretty good! We got a flight of beer here too!
  • Pubs:
    • Sinnott's Bar - 
    • Temple Bar - this is in the touristy bar district. (Think Cap City crowded.)
    • Cassidy's - has board games, candy, alcohol, pizza and cool people. Our waiter at J.W. Sweetman's told us about this place and it was nifty. 
  • PS I Love you Tour - I didn't do this, but it seems to be cool if you are into the movie!
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