ReaLemon: The Juice Ain't Worth The Squeeze


Ask // Reignite a love for ReaLemon with a younger audience.

Problem // ReaLemon will never beat the natural flavor or purity of actual lemons.

Finding// People use lemon juice to solve problems. 

Strategy // ReaLemon is the most versatile product in your home. What you do with it is your business.

Product Innovation // Package design with new caps and brand extension. 

What did I do?

New product development // understood consumer use of product and how to best adapt

New category development // understood best category for ReaLemon to expand into

Size of market // for current ReaLemon brand and extension opportunity

Current Situation:

In 1934, ReaLemon became the first company to bottle and preserve lemon juice concentrate. But today, it's diluted by the seas of sameness on shelf. ReaLemon was once an innovation providing fresh juice to people that couldn't get it. Now, it’s competing with lemons. 

Who we are up against:

Natural lemons! As shoppers have become more conscious about their health and the products they consume, they are turning to actual lemons over concentrates with preservatives. ReaLemon will never beat the natural flavor or purity of actual lemons for cooking, but they may have an in with how the use of lemon juice is evolving.

Key Finding:

Lemon juice is more than just a way to flavor drinks and dishes. People are using lemon juice to clean fingernails, polish furniture and make homemade dandruff remedies.

We're not in the business of lemon juice. We're in the business of solving problems.


ReaLemon is the most versatile product in your home. What you do with it is your business.


Brand Refresh

ReaLemon is in a sea of sameness on the shelf. Updating the logo, gives this brand an up-to-date identity and pop on shelf.

New Caps

People use ReaLemon in interesting ways. Our Cap expansion allows more consumers to experiment and explore the power of lemon juice. By creating the new cap options on multiple sizes of our product, we created a solution that reflects all the interesting ways our customers currently use ReaLemon.

Product Innovation

Real Citrus:  Juice Concentrate Mixology  Line - To bring new life to the ReaLemon brand and connect to the new consumer by extending the brand into the mixology category.

Single Flavor Juice Concentrate

This product line includes the traditional lemon/lime within the ReaLemon brand, but also expands into more citrus to include grapefruit and blood orange flavors.

Double Flavor Line

Real Citrus mixology line allows users to create unique fancy cocktails right at home! The double flavor also allows for continued flavor innovation through seasonal flavors. All flavors are rooted in core Lemon or Lime flavors of ReaLemon products.

...and then we made prototypes!

Starting with Mint Lime and Blueberry Lemon, we created the first Real Citrus prototypes.

Some people added them to their water, drank them on their own or added them to their cocktails at home!

Moving the ReaLemon brand into the mixology category is a natural extension for the brand.

The Amazing Team // Nick DeLeon - Strategist, Cara Coffin - Strategist, Danny Timbers - Experience Designer, Nate Sauber - Copywriter, Haley Schrenk - Art Director

*Project was voted winner by class*

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