Halle Sinnott's Portfolio

Nook Reimagined

Assignment // Research the Nook brand, identify a problem/opportunity, identify the strategic whitespace and create a product relaunch plan.

Background //  Barnes & Noble has been in decline with major competition from Amazon on all fronts. The product Nook was launched 2 years after the Kindle and had less functionality. As a result, its sales had been in deep decline for many years. The only segment Barnes & Noble is excelling in is the University bookstores.

Team // Halle Sinnott - Creative Brand Management, Brianne Johnson - Strategy, Anna Bouchard - Strategy, Christopher Suarez - Strategy

Insight // Stories don't change, but the way we experience them does.

Opportunity //  Barnes & Noble is not in the market of storytelling. They are in the market of knowledge. 

Strategy // Reimagine the Nook as a game-based learning tablet for the older elementary to high school student.


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