Chobani: In For A Treat


Assignment // Create a line of pet food for Chobani.

Background //  Chobani focuses on more than yogurt. Founder Hamdi Ulukaya wanted to start a food movement in the U.S. by focusing on transparency and healthy ingredients.

Insight // Dogs can eat greek yogurt.

Opportunity //  Yogurt-based dog treats is the best opportunity within the dog treat category.

What did I do?

New product development // inclusive of product, packaging and flavors

Research //  on the brand, category, in-store offerings

Yogurt Soft Bites

Yogurt infused biscuit treats

Stored at room temperature

​Resealable bag

​Price: $9.99

Freezer Bowls

Yogurt in a wide 'dog approved' bowl

​Tastes great frozen

​Sold individually & in 4 packs 

​Price: $2.99

Yogurt Squeeze

Easy to use package 

Mix with dry food to enhance taste

Helps with medicine

​Price: $6.99

“Yogurt in small amounts is totally fine for dogs to eat. It can actually help promote digestion and contains bacteria that is good for their gut health.” 

- Jennifer Fetterman, DVM


We cross referenced Chobani flavors with fruits that are beneficial for dogs to create our product line.

Plain // Supports gut health and good source of protein.

Blueberry //  Builds strong immune system and healthy skin (recommended for puppies)

Strawberry // Packed with healthy vitamins (training)

Raspberry //  Great for dogs with arthritis (older dogs)

What's in a name?

Chobani derives from the Turkish word for shepherd. So, when it was time to look into naming the pet line, we turned to the roots of the company. Köpek is the Turkish word for Dog.

Promotional Pack

One for you. One for your pup.

Introduce Combo Packs at current Chobani retailers. Stocked next to Chobani to increase brand awareness & encourage social sharing.

The Amazing Team // Alana Loveys - Creative Brand Management, Jim Beckmann - Creative Brand Management, Chris Bates - Creative Brand Management

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