If I Knew More, I Could Do More


Challenge // Politics in America has become more and more partisan and divided. How can we get people to engage in conversation?

Problem // Our 24 news cycle Is overwhelming and perpetuates division throughout the country. People are less open to conversation when they perceive others to have a different opinion.

Insight // Stories inform through entertainment.

Strategy // Leverage the power of storytelling to encourage learning, connection, and understanding.

What did I do?

Research // survey and interviews, other entertainment series, the power of storytelling

Podcast Development // understood the best opportunity to launch a podcast within criminal justice category

Current Situation:

America is polarized by the news and we have lost the ability to truly engage in conversations around political topics. 

Can we agree on anything?

There are many topics that the American public does not agree on and beginning with those conversations will never lead to understanding of the other argument. A majority of the people we surveyed and interviewed believe Criminal Justice Reform is a partisan issue, but it's something that 94% of survey respondents support.

Key Finding:

A key part of human nature is storytelling - it's where we are most open to learning because It is presented as entertainment.


Spark conversation, learning and understanding through the power of storytelling.

case by case

The series tells the stories of individual cases that represent larger issues within criminal justice reform through a podcast and online round table discussions.

The round table discussions would be on Youtube to host conversation about that week's episode with people on all sides of the political spectrum.

Same Format, Different Topics

While we intentionally started with criminal justice reform, this format can be applied to multiple topics discussed in politics. Some examples are:

Cause & Effect
[Series focused on Climate Change]

Emergency Responses
[Series focused on Healthcare Reform]

Class in Session
[Series focused on Education Reform]

The Amazing Team // Madison McCracken - Strategist, Treasure Brown - Experience Designer, Connor Noh - Copywriter, Jenny Ritter - Art Director

Using Format