AT&T Oteam App

Assignment // Create a app using at least one API to increase usage on the AT&T network for Gen X. 

Background //  There are 488 million business trips per year. Most business travelers are between 40-55 years old and Gen X makes up for 51% of leadership roles. Smartphones are integral to business travel, but people are using 7-8 apps on average each time they travel and 54% of Gen X uses these apps for planning. Sixty percent of travelers add on days to their travel for leisure activities.

Insight // The amount of people who participate in Bleisure, extending a business trip for pleasure, is huge, but disorganized.

Opportunity //  Create a comprehensive itinerary that brings enjoyment to business travel. 

Product Concept //  Marie Kondo for bleisure travel.

Let's start with the brand

Name // Leisure in latin is otium. Business in latin is negotium. Taking inspiration from the latin roots, we changed the name to be a modern spelling and it allowed us to incorporate "team" which connects back on the business side.

Colors // Two intentionally different colors were chosen for this brand to represent business and leisure separately. 

Logo //  Intentionally created so as the Oteam brand expands other brands can fit into the overall Oteam brand. 

What did I do?

Research //  On Bleisure, Gen X and APIs

Branding // Naming (we went through a lot of options)

Pricing & Finance //  How much do we charge for this and would it be financial viable for AT&T?

Team //  Annie Maddox (Creative Brand Management), Cody Colvin (Creative Brand Management)

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