Halle Sinnott's Portfolio

Annie's Store Extension

Assignment // Choose a brand that you'd find in a grocery store and create a retail space for the brand based on their values. 

Background // For over 25 years, Annie’s has been devoted to the business of good: creating good food, demonstrating good business practices, and helping build good communities. Annie's was founded in 1989 and prides itself on providing organic meals and snacks to families.

Team // Halle Sinnott - Creative Brand Management, Taylor Kepley - Creative Brand Management, Nick Deleon - Strategy

Insight //  The percent of working moms has increased from 47% in 1975 to more than 75% in 2015. The  hours between 3pm (end of the school day) and 6pm (end of the working day) are challenging for parents to find childcare until they are done with work. Additionally, 57% of parents think it is their sole responsibility to cook.

Opportunity // Annie's needs to create an after-school enrichment program for kids 3rd-8th to learn cooking, gardening and other life skills.

Strategy // Teaching organic lifestyles to the next generation.

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