Halle: Pronounced like the Comet.

I’m an optimist, introvert, fantastic problem-solver, and I put my all into everything I do, which makes me very cool and a little anxious (read: a little  cool and very anxious).

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

Ennegram: 6 with a 7 wing

Horoscope: Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon

Motto: The Limit Does Not Exist

Hospitality, hard work and humor will take you almost all the way – wherever it is you’re going.

Constantly questioning...

Questions I ask myself:

  • If my cat is 16lbs, does that qualify as a ‘big cat’? If so, am I closer to a Carole Baskin or Joe Exotic character? 
  • In sixth grade I wrote my future self a letter about how my life would be in 20 years. What did it say?
  • My life motto is derived from calculus and Mean Girls. Did Tina Fey have this in mind when she wrote ‘the limit does not exist’?

Questions I'll ask you:

  • What Netflix character is closest to your personality?
  • Did your life turn out like you thought it would when you were 12?
  • Does your life motto come from a defining movie from your youth?

Say Hi! 

If you have an answer to one of my questions, eager to be friends on costar or just want to say hi, I'd love to get to know you!




Schedule time for a chat: https://calendly.com/hallesinnott

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