balanced body Precision Rotator Disc

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balanced body Precision Rotator Disc - B074VL547D

  • PRECISION ROTATOR DISC: Use the rotator disc as a stability disc, for ankle training, for stretching, and more during your Pilates workout. Improve your balance, alignment, and core strength.

  • TRADITIONAL OR SPRING RESISTANCE: Use the traditional, free-spinning disc design for traditional spinner disc workouts, and try the resistance discs for an added level of difficulty.

  • SIZE OPTIONS: With 12- and 9-inch options, you'll be able to customize your workout with ease. The large discs are great for feet, making them conducive to standing and upright twisting exercises.

  • PRODUCT FEATURES: All include built-in markers at 10- and 45-degree angles for precise measurement of range of motion. They also have top-quality ABS construction and 500-pound weight capacity.

  • BALANCED BODY: Balanced Body is dedicated to providing Pilates-based education and equipment that empowers users to be mindful of movement, make healthy lifestyle changes, and ultimately find balance.

  • Our durable Rotator Discs are great for improving balance, alignment, core strength, joint stability, and more. You can work on traditional, no-resistance discs or challenge yourself with spring resistance depending on the level of difficulty you desire. Try our traditional discs without resistance in order to measure your body's natural range of motion and perform internal and external rotation exercises. You can even try using one as a dancing disc, use one for balance during physical therapy, or add one to your core-strengthening equipment. We provide 9-inch and 12-inch sizes for easy customization.

    If you are aiming to strengthen your body's range of motion, improve joint support and stability, and identify strength imbalances between limbs with the built-in markers, the resistance Rotator Discs are a great option. Try the light resistance springs for upper-body work and lighter lower-body work. Use a heavy-resistance disc as a mini rotating platform or stability board for all lower-body work or to generally create more resistance to challenge yourself and build strength.

    Balanced Body has always believed that mindful movement in activities and exercises like Pilates changes the lives of men and women. Our passion for positive change has resulted in our becoming the world's largest provider of Pilates home-gym equipment, machines, and education. From experienced instructors to first-timers, we want everybody to realize the amazing benefits of this remarkable exercise and other mind-body exercise methods. From equipment to education to videos, we want to make sure you have exactly what you need to make a healthy change in your life. Select from Balanced Body's extensive line of Pilates products to aid you on your Pilates journey, no matter your skill level.