balanced body Oov Fitness Equipment Home Workout Accessory for Physical Therapy and Pilates

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balanced body Oov Fitness Equipment Home Workout Accessory for Physical Therapy and Pilates - B015D76G9I

  • PILATES FOAM OOV: This dynamic piece of equipment activates core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication.

  • STRETCHING & CORE STRENGTHENING: This versatile Pilates exercise equipment offers significant benefits for stretching exercise, core exercises, and rehabilitation movements.

  • SPINE SUPPORT: The Oov's highly durable foam complements the spine’s natural curves. You can also use the Oov as a pillow for the head when in supine position.

  • SIZES: Available in small, medium, and large and as a set of 3. Small: up to 5'6" and 121 lbs.; Medium: 5'6"–5'11" and 121–165 lbs.; and Large: over 5'11" and over 165 lbs.

  • BALANCED BODY: Balanced Body is dedicated to providing Pilates-based education and equipment that empowers users to be mindful of movement, make healthy lifestyle changes, and ultimately find balance.

  • The Oov is a tool that effectively activates core-stabilizing muscles while gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy disc lubrication—a unique, all-in-one stretching, contouring, balancing, and strengthening tool. Created with highly durable foam, the Oov’s ergonomic design complements the curves of the spine. The small is designed for people up to 5’6” and up to 121 lbs. The medium is for individuals 5’6” to 5’11” and between 121 and 165 lbs. Finally, the large is for those over 5’11” and over 165 lbs. From motor control to core stability and rehabilitation, the Oov offers incredible benefits for spinal health. Add it to your physical therapy equipment or home Pilates equipment for spine decompression or use it as a spine corrector for back pain. Depending on what you use it for, this home exercise equipment may add a level of difficulty, comfort, or both to your Pilates workout.

    Balanced Body has always believed that mindful movement in activities and exercises like Pilates changes people’s lives. Our passion for positive change has resulted in our becoming the world’s largest provider of Pilates home-gym equipment and education. From experienced instructors to first-timers, we want everybody to realize the amazing benefits of this remarkable exercise and other mind-body exercise methods. From equipment to education to videos, we want to make sure we have exactly what you need to make a healthy change in your life. Select from Balanced Body's extensive line of Pilates products.